In episode 16 hosts Jenny & Grady have Dr. Nichole Huntley, a researcher, and pig nutritionist for Mazuri as their guest.  They discuss the importance of proper nutrition for mini pigs, some advancements that have been made in recent years in mini pig studies, and current research projects that concentrate on mini pig health.

Episode 15 of The Mini Pig Podcast has a very special guest, Stefania Ferrario. Stefania is an international model and animal rights activist.  Join our hosts as they discuss giving up meat and animal products, how Stefania is involved in animal projects, and questions she has about becoming a potential mini pig owner herself.

Join hosts Grady and Jenny as they welcome back Melanie from My Pig Filled Life.  On this Mini Cast they discuss a pig that is special to the podcast hosts who needs help. They also discuss other fundraisers that My Pig Filled Life has going on and ways people can help support their efforts in giving their pigs the medical attention and quality of life they deserve.

Join hosts Grady & Jenny as they welcome Todd from Arthur's Acres Animal Sanctuary.  On this episode they discuss how Arthur's Acres began, the effects COVID-19 has had on the rescue and sanctuary world, and what is in the possible future for Todd and his animals.

November 21, 2020

The Mini Pig Podcast Episode13

Join hosts Grady and Jenny as they welcome author Matt Whyman on the podcast. Matt is a UK-based novelist and former pig owner. In episode 13 they discuss how Matt and his family fell into the world of pig ownership and they also discuss his books, Oink: My Life with Mini-Pigs & The Unexpected Genius of Pigs.

In episode 12, Grady & Jenny welcome Olivia Paige, owner of Oink Daily Magazine to the podcast.  They discuss how the magazine got started, what kind of information is inside, and the process and time that goes into creating such a publication.  Olivia also tells her story of how she got into the wonderful world of pig ownership.

On the latest Mini Cast episode, Brittany Sawyer of Mini Pig Info returns to discuss important topics for first-time owners who are planning to get a mini pig.

In Episode 8 hosts Grady & Jenny discuss the topic of special needs pigs.  Guest Jami Ozubko shares what her daily life is like caring for multiple pigs that require special care...she also goes through her journey on how she became involved with these pigs.


P.S. This is a past episode being re-uploaded due to initial audio issues.

Join hosts Jenny and Grady as they welcome Brittany Sawyer, owner of Mini Pigs Info.  In this episode, they discuss Brittany's journey that leads her to create Mini Pig Info and discuss the topic of the behavior of mini pigs.

On this mini cast Jenny, Grady, and guest Susan Magidson of Ross Mills Farm discuss the senses of our beloved mini pigs.  What senses do mini pigs truly rely on, which aren't that useful, and exactly how do they perceive their worlds?  These questions and more will be answered on this Mini Pig Mini Cast.

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