Join hosts Jenny and Grady as they welcome Brittany Sawyer, owner of Mini Pigs Info.  In this episode, they discuss Brittany's journey that leads her to create Mini Pig Info and discuss the topic of the behavior of mini pigs.

On this mini cast Jenny, Grady, and guest Susan Magidson of Ross Mills Farm discuss the senses of our beloved mini pigs.  What senses do mini pigs truly rely on, which aren't that useful, and exactly how do they perceive their worlds?  These questions and more will be answered on this Mini Pig Mini Cast.

On the very first episode of the podcast's new mini-series, hosts Jenny and Grady discuss understanding diets for new owners with return guest Susan Magidson from Ross Mills Farms.

Hosts Grady and Jenny talk to long-time mini pig pioneer Susan Magidson about her involvement with mini pigs that dates back to the 80s.  In this episode, they discuss the birth of Ross Mill farms, a new nationwide minipig adoption platform, and many other topics.

On this episode, Grady and Jenny talk to guest, co-owner and Co-Founder of Oinkboxes, Chris Canterbury about CBD oil and how it can be used for mini pigs.  Join the crew as they discuss CBD oil for traveling pigs, pigs with health issues, and many more practical uses from CBD.

Join hosts Jenny and Grady as they have Melanie from My Pig Filled Life return to the podcast to discuss recent developments in a mini pig seizure located in Texas deemed "The Killeen 55" and ways you, the public, can assist in helping this cause.

November 18, 2019

The Mini Pig Podcast Episode 6

Join hosts Grady and Jenny in this special episode when they have guest Dr. Blue from Animal Planet's The Vet Life.  On this episode, they discuss topics such as medical awareness and what to possibly expect when owning a mini pig, advice from Dr. Blue on the maintenance of your mini pig, and much more.

September 14, 2019

The Mini Pig Podcast Episode 5

Melanie from My Pig Filled Life rescue is the guest for Episode 5.  Grady and Jenny discuss how pig owners are never done learning, vaccinations, and what has happened with their mini pigs since their last episode.

Join Grady and Jenny as they interview Youtuber Adri Rachelle and discuss Adri's rise to YouTube popularity, her love for mini pigs, and the mini pig/dog comparison theory.

February 12, 2019

Mini Pig Podcast Episode 3

Hosts Jenny and Grady have the owner of Oinkboxes, Mrs. Juli-Anne Canterbury as their special guest for this episode.  Listen in as they discuss diets for mini pigs, what Oinkboxes is all about and how they got their start, and a new fundraising campaign for mini pig rescues.

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